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Counselling services for adults who struggle with anxiety, trauma, ADHD, depression, relationship challenges and substance use.

Clients and I talk about everyday experiences that are stressful or overwhelming and also big life questions like “Why is this happening to me?”, “What can I do to make things better?”, and “Why do I feel so guilty?” Together we can help you find answers to these questions, and others, at a pace that works for you, and in a way that feels right to you.

Wise & Kind Counselling Ltd.

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Please contact me or call (250) 919-4245 to book an appointment.

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About Joanna

My practice is informed by compassionate curiosity and a client centered approach that is a blend of heart and science.

Rates & Insurance

Wise & Kind Counselling offers individual, adult in-person and video counselling sessions. Learn more about rates and insurance.

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Things can get better. Talking helps.

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