ADHD Counselling for Cranbrook, BC and Surrounding Areas

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What is ADHD, anyway?

ADHD is a popular topic in counselling these days but is not well understood. I work with clients who are wondering if they have ADHD and those with an official diagnosis. ADHD negatively impacts the area in the brain responsible for executive functions like focusing on goals, prioritising tasks, managing impulses, emotion regulation, learning from mistakes and remembering things.

Unfortunately, the public at large does not understand how the ADHD brain works, can be judgemental and rigid in expectations that are not respectful of the needs of to neuroatypical people. People with ADHD have been called lazy or difficult and experience low self-esteem and shame as a result. ADHD can feel isolating and frustrating.

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ADHD Brains are wired differently and that is okay.

As an ADHD Clinical Services Provider, I can help you understand how ADHD brains are wired differently and I offer ADHD coping tools that can help you focus, manage impulsivity, and become more organised so you feel more in control and capable. We will find your strengths and help you capitalise on them. Learn to be kinder to yourself as you grow and maximise your full potential, on our own terms.

Things can get better. Talking helps.

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