Trauma Counselling for Cranbrook, BC and Surrounding Areas

“Understanding our past can liberate us from its grasp.”

Melanie Klein

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Trauma changes who we are.

Trauma can be any experience which you know is not right, makes you feel alone, powerless, and overwhelms your nervous system. Without kindness, validation, and professional support to process the experience at the time it occurred, the experience is stored as trauma which changes your brain, nervous system, physiology, how you see yourself and how you function in the world.

Traumatic memories can be suppressed to protect yourself from further pain so you may not remember it, but your nervous system never forgets. Trauma can make you feel unsafe all the time, when there is no danger, and makes it hard to trust yourself and others. Trauma makes it hard to be vulnerable or get close to others because you don’t want to be hurt again. When you remember a traumatic experience it feels like it is happening all over again, in the present which can feel scary.

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Trauma can heal.

You can heal trauma slowly over time but it requires a safe environment, a trauma counsellor with advanced and evidence-based training who earns your trust, is non-judgmental, and compassionate. Learn how to calm your nervous system with simple, yet effective self-regulation skills and reassure yourself that the traumatising event is over, and life is different now.

You are not alone, and you can find peace and healing after trauma with the right counselling support.

Things can get better. Talking helps.

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