Living With ADHD in a World That Doesn’t Get It

February 13, 2024


ADHD is a neurobiological disorder of impulsivity, time management, emotion regulation and self-awareness. ADHD is not about a lack of intelligence. ADHD is not understood well by the public, and it often results in judgment, blaming, and frustration. Being on the receiving end of those experiences can induce shame, self-doubt and self-loathing and make those with ADHD feel alone.

I have many clients who have been called lazy, stupid or difficult because their ADHD makes it very difficult to be on time, because they lack motivation, struggle to remember belongings or appointments, or prioritize tasks.
People who don’t understand ADHD sometimes see it as a moral failing or an excuse.

ADHD is neither of those things and I can support clients in learning skills that help them remember appointments, break down large tasks into smaller ones, or regulate their emotions. However, the larger part of my work is helping adult ADHD clients heal after being shamed, misunderstood or criticized since childhood. I help clients understand and accept their ADHD diagnosis, learn how to be patient and have compassion for themselves and realize their potential.

A recent article from describes the personal stories of adults who are coping with their ADHD diagnosis, and it deserves a look

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Things can get better. Talking helps.

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